Johannes Palmroos, CEO and producer at Palmroos Produktion, founded in 2014, was previously a programmer at Stockholm International Film Festival, Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival Paris, French Film Festival Stockholm, as well as founder of Seoul-Stockholm Korean Film Festival in 2007. Palmroos was also selected a jury member of VILNIUS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2017, La Semaine de la Critique de Festival de Cannes 2013, Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival 2013, and Chairman of the jury in Kiev International Short Film Festival 2012.

Palmroos Produktion is now producing feature films, shorts and documentaries with focus on international co-productions with Nordic, Asian, German and French partners who share the vision to produce transgressive cinema and audiovisual experiences for a global audience.

Since 2014 Palmroos Produktion has produced an array of visually arresting  commercials, short films and music videos for artists such as Songs of Sam, Mad Fresh, Dead Vibrations and a continous collaboration with the duo Mount Liberation Unlimited.

In 2016 we made the film series “In the Anticipation of the unexpected”, in collaboration with Sundance award-winning director Matthew Lessner, which went on touring Toronto, Montreal and  New York. The feature documentary “Kobbar”, in collaboration with Chinese director Zhou Yan. Premiered in november 2016 in Stockholm and toured festivals including Shanghai Film Festival 2017.

In 2017 we produced  a campaign with Megapixel for the Child Diabetes Foundation as well as a collaboration with the  agency Ocean Observations on an audiovisual presentation of their work on improving communication within social services. We also did our  project “Hearbeats”  which is a 3 part music documentary filmed in 360 that will premiered through the app Viareal and be distributed internationally through BBC and SKY in december 2017.

In 2018 we continue to work with clients and artists, launching a new documentary series in 360 on electronic music featuring the 20th anniversary of the dj Miss Dilemma , made in collaboration with Charles Lidbom and Nanofilm. We are also going into production on the third feature film of Matthew Lessner that is going to show what kind of future we are envisioning for international co-productions going into the 2020’s!